Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Countdown to Halloween 2013 - Fun at Target

I'll be honest folks, I haven't been around the ol' Spookshow that much lately as I've been toiling away on Mars Attacks! and Star Wars: A New Hope sketchcards for Topps. But I'm gonna try and keep up with the bloggin for the Halloween countdown here.

Like I said I've been a busy lil' monster lately and I haven't really had to much time to haunt the Halloween aisles yet this year, but I did make it to Target the other day and found some fun things like...

...this cutie here. Frankie here comes filled with some kind of lollipops that are gonna wind up be giving out at my daughter's Halloween/Birthday party while the plastic near life size head ends up in my office. Kinda looks like Frankie from the Groovie Ghoulies to me.

This here is a tub of white cheddar cheese balls colored green and decorated to look like the Frankenstein Monster. Haven't bought 'em yet but i'll end up giving in.

I saw the Target Hot Wheels Halloween pack for this year...... it sucks and I'm not even gonna justify it by posting a picture of the crap.

Target also has a bevy of snacks either pumpkin shaped (Potato puffs that look like pumpkins) or pumpkin flavored (soft breakfast bars) and I'll be reporting on those as soon as I eat 'em.

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