Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monsterfink Conquers the Holidays

A long overlooked entry into the Rankin Bass library of stop motion animated holiday specials Monsterfink Conquers the Holidays is a, too say the least, odd entry.

The story of a young  werewolf girl named Alex who has written a letter to Santa Claus detailing the toys she wanted only to have the letter returned to the house marked "NO DELIVERIES TO WEIRDOS". This of course sets the girl into tearful sobs and her vampire/witch mother tries to console her telling her that her father will get this whole mess straightened out once he gets home.
We are then introduced to the father of the family, an eight foot tall patchwork collection of parts from other monsters. Upon learning the news, the hot headed Monsterfink (Jack Black) declares his intentions to stomp his way to the North Pole and "knock some sense" into Santa Claus via a song and dance routine where he described the various things he's "gonna do to that Kris Kringle." Along the way the brute runs into Jingle (Simon Pegg) and Jangle Elf (Nick Frost) who he attempts to smash into "holiday smears" but the two explain that they have been exiled from the North Pole by Santa (Mickey Rooney}. They explain that an evil spell cast by the villainous Winterbolt (Keith David) has returned Santa to his long lost "skinny" self from the days before Rudolph and he has deemed no child worthy of a present. The three make their way to the North Pole battling an Army of Snowmen for a final climactic battle with Winterbolt and his Snow Dragon and force feeding Santa so he'll stop acting like a judgmental, intolerant schmuck and get back to his jolly old self.

Young and old alike will delight to such toe tapping songs such as "I'm gonna go knock some sense into Santa!", "Eat a Sandwich and Stop Being a Douche!" and "Gonna make Winterbolt my Tree Topper, after I shove this tree up his Ass". Monsterfink Conquers the Holidays is a true holiday classic that the whole family will love to watch each year.


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