Thursday, October 18, 2012

Countdown to Halloween - Universal Monster Mystery Board Games

Growing up with Famous Monsters Magazine as a kid I remember the ads in the back for all the great stuff you could mail away for and I can remember these beauties quite well...
Dracula Mystery Game 1963 Bela Lugosi as Dracula himself chases you across the board. "Will the vampire catch you"?

Frankenstein Mystery Game 1963 from the artwork that is probably Glenn Strange playing Frankenstein's monster. It is definitely not the Boris Karloff version. "Find The Lurking Monster."

The Wolfman Mystery Game 1963 Lon Chaney Jr. as the Wolfman. "When will the werewolf strike"?

The Mummy Mystery Game 1963 that could be Christopher Lee playing Kharis, the Mummy or possibly Lon Chaney Jr. from the Mummy's Ghost. "Explore The Ancient Crypts Of Egypt."

The Creature From the Black Lagoon Mystery Game 1963 Ben Chapman and Ricou Browning as the Gill Man "Enter the depths of the Black Lagoon".

The Phantom of the Opera Mystery Game 1963 James Cagney modeled after Lon Chaney Sr. as the Erik the Phantom. "Can You Escape From The Phantom's Dungeon?"

1 comment:

  1. I think the Phantom one is the coolest. I like its art the best, anyway.


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