Monday, October 15, 2012

Countdown to Halloween - King Kong vs Reptilicus

Long have I sought out the stop motion movies of Micheal Aguilar, since I believe 2004 when I saw pics of his Godzilla vs the Colossal Man and King Kong vs Reptilicus shorts in an issue of Scary Monsters Magazine. Well my friends the search is over, thanks to the glory of You Tube I am happy to bring you some of his work. While the audio is iffy and the commentary cheesy, the stop motion is quite spectacular especially when you consider the models are made of paper and he's doing this all in his house. So my friends I present to you King Kong vs Reptilicus...


  1. Hi this is Michael Aguilar. I was wondering about how you found out about my stinky little films. Right now I am working on the 60th anneverssary of The Beast from 20'000 Fathoms in which he will battle the 1954 Godzilla. I will send you some photos if you like. In the meantime I'll send you a link to one of my films to show that I don't just make giant monster films

    1. I was first clued into your work in an old Scary Monsters Monster Memories issue and I had been searching for them since then. I love your stop motion puppets and I'd love to see the photos. You can send them to me at

  2. Hey I just got from G-Fest where they showed my new film The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms vs Godzilla 1954. I was wondering if you posted any of the pictures I sent you?


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