Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Countdown to Halloween 2012 - Universal Monsters Remix scary house thing

Well as some of you probably know Universal Horror Nights put in a "Universal Monsters Remix" haunted house/maze thing this year..

Yeah that's it...hmmmmm

Lets think on this one shall we,

I guess the Egyptian walls are there to represent the Mummy and I saw a pipe organ at one point so I guess that's the Phantom, okay. The Nosferatu is I guess meant to represent Dracula.... way to make the effort guys.

Wow a whole room dedicated to that famous Universal Monster Chucky...... (face palm) Boy I love those classic movies like Chucky meets the Wolf Man and House of Chucky....

Ah look a room dedicated to Psycho, yep Frankenstein vs Norman Bates was one of those old classics you just can't get enough of....

Ah we got ourselves some of the nice generic werewolf props and costumes from the Halloween store, way to represent your iconic characters...

Okay the lab set looks nice... Go Go Bride at the 6:40 mark is kinda funny, not scary, but, we'll give you the star for trying something modern there...

oh wait, DJ Dr Frankenstein and a dancing Frankenstein Monster.... gimme back the star...

Watching this reaffirms one thing in my mind... Universal really needs to hire me and put the monsters in the hands of someone who actually loves them and will do something scary and respectful with them...and has the brains not to try and shoehorn Chucky and Norman Bates into the act and leave the Creature on the cutting room floor....


  1. Love the retro Monsterfink mask!

    1. Ok now that I've watched it, I've been through there before! It was a few years ago and it wasn't quite so "club". It was more like a museum/haunted house and Frank's lab is freakin impressive when you first behold it from the upper level.

      And why can't Universal pony up for masks that look better than something you get at the drugstore?

  2. I know they're doing a remake of child's play so I bet that's why he got his own room!

    1. That room was there when I went years ago as well. It doesn't look like much has changed.

  3. I definitely agree and think Universal to hire you to do their Monsters justice!!

  4. Well of Course it sucked at Was at Universal Studios LA However At HHN Orlando the Good one we got this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpxEVWRjFD8&feature=plcp this whole house is in black and white monsters including who look jut like they did in the movies and the Sets looks just like the did in the movies too


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