Thursday, August 23, 2012

This week’s topic from the League: Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Been a while since I had a chance to take part in one of these but I just had to this week. See growing up I have vivd memories of watching Saturday Morning cartoons and I wish my daughter could have had the same experience but alas those days are gone forever... anyway here's the set up:

You’ve been hired to program the ultimate Saturday morning experience for kids across the nation–create your own ideal Saturday morning cartoon schedule.

C'mon kids, it's Monsterfink programing this station, Channel 13 WGHOUL so get those bowls of General Mills Monster Cereals and sit down in front of the TV in your jammies, cuz here we go....

7 - 7:30 The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Yeah, sorry no Captain Kangaroo or Kookla, Fran and Ollie to start your morning here, we're going to start this Saturday morning off with a show that featured guest appearances from the great Vincent Price and was one I used to watch myself as a kid...

7:30 - 7:45 : Mini Monsters

Something for the younger audience to watch, still not bad and a good foundation for future Monster Kids

7:45 - 8: Bigfoot and Wildboy

Possible one of the most underrated Kroft productions, I mean it's Bigfoot.... fighting crime.... and he acts like the Bionic Bigfoot

 8 - 8:30 : Thundarr the Barbarian


 C'mon it's the King's work here and a cool post apocalyptic setting with magic and super science... and Ookla the Mok!

 8:30 - 9 : The Herculoids


Oh how I love this show, a team of monsters fighting bad guys and other monsters, how could you not love it?

9 - 9:30 Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles

Quite possible one of my favorite cartoons of all time.. the 60's craziness... giant monster,,, goofy superheroes... pure heaven

9:30 -10 : Monster Force

I know I know, it's not the greatest but it is a licensed Universal Monsters cartoon

10:30 - 11 : Tales from the CryptKeeper

Nothing like some animated tales from our favorite story telling ghoul, it's like the moral spouting version of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids in my line up

11 - 11:30 The Real Ghostbusters

Ah I remember when this premiered, still a great great cartoon

11:30 - 12 Mystery Incorporated

One, if not the greatest reboot of a cartoon series. Great writing, huge overall story tying together the separate mysteries

12 - 12:30 The Aqua Bats Super Show

The modern day heirs to the legacy of both the Kroft Brothers and the Monkees, combining humor, great music, cheesy costumes and general silliness.

We now turn your programming over to your favorite Horror Host Monsterfink and his Midnight Monster Spookshow bringing you the greatest monster movies of the past... from Gamera to Frankenstein, The Creature to The Crawling Eye we screen 'em all here on the Spookshow.... 

now check out these other league members programming line ups

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