Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rat Fink and the Rad Rods

I love Rat Fink... goes with my love of outrageous custom cars, and I love freaky toy cars, but somehow this line from 1990 passed me by. I found my first piece of my now sizable collection at an Auto Swap Meet in Englishtown New Jersey's Raceway Park...a carded Rat Fink for $5.00. I still have him on card. The biggest piece of my collection came in to the local comic book shop as part of a collection my friend the owner picked up, cost me $15.00 for the entire regular set of figures and cars loose. The Hydro Racers however are a little harder to come by and I'm still acquiring those. Here's the commercial for the toyline and quite possibly the only traditionally animated version of Rat Fink voiced by, if my ears are right, the great Jim Cummings, voice of Darkwing Duck. 


  1. I have a small Yellow figure from my earliest days..... That would make it late 60's
    One of the oldest items of my collection it and a "Dr. No" figurine that I got for Easter that were on clearance sale....

  2. I do not have "Face Book"... only my Blog....I hang out here at the "Crypt" often ( when not playing "Spore"...)


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