Monday, June 11, 2012

Heroclix Harry Knowles????

Hells Yeah!
As part of special packaging and in limited numbers for the Morgan Spurlock documentary "COMIC-CON EPISODE VI: A FAN'S HOPE" comes four of the coolest non superhero Heroclix yet. Now you can pit Stan Lee against his own creations (and if you're so inclined have them beat the tar out of him for letting Jack Kirby's family get cut out of any major movie money), Let Joss Whedon lead the movie Avengers Heroclix into battle, Have Morgan Spurlock open a "super Sized" can of whoop ass and let Harry Knowles review his opponents down to size. The boxed set is available this July and I for one am definitely hoping to get my claws on it. Now check out these AWESOME sculpts...

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