Monday, April 30, 2012

May Monster Madness

Hey kiddies, yer ol' pal Monsterfink here to kick of the May Monster Madness blog hop

Let's start this off with some interesting toy news shall we?

The Lego Monster Fighters line has gotten it's official website here
I'm looking forward tot he line, my wallet isn't but I am

Also sites are starting to take preorders for the Diamond Select Mad Monster Party figures and although again the price tage is abit much, I'm still gonna buy them and pray series 2 has the Werewolf and the Sea Creature in it

The Retro Monster line also from Diamond Select...wait can we just call these things Megos and make life easier? For all intents and purposes thats what these are, really really REALLY nice Megos

Anyway we have pics pf the Creature and the Bride of Frankenstein figures

I am so gonna peek under her dress...

This will be mine... oh yes it will
Now go and check out the other blogs on the Hop, while I finish up this weeks Hooray for the Bad Guy strips and get the rest of my blog posts all ready like....go....scram...


  1. Love love LOVE that bride doll. <3

    1. yeah, the bride is awesome, have you seen the one diamond select came out with?
      Picture seen here:

  2. I love the Creature but I can't get past the color differences between the plastic and cloth. Oh well, more money in my wallet :)

    1. But that's the whole point, Megos looked kinda cheezy with their cloth bodysuits

  3. I own the Creature and the Wolfman. I might post pics of all my various critters on my blog for May Monster Madness. ZOMBIES RULE!!!
    I am having a giveaway on my blog come on over...if you DARE!!


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