Monday, March 19, 2012

Universal Monsters Online Game

Found this while lurking about the interwebs, here's the write up

"All you PC horror lovers out there could finally jump in joy because there is a new free-to-play horror-themed game coming out soon. Developed by Universal Studios, Universal Monsters Online is an MMORPG that is fast-paced and action-packed! It combines the use of 3D isometric graphics, cinematic audio, and even includes a deep gameplay for those of you who wouldn’t mind a change in controls for once in a while.

Inspired by the Universal Monsters film, the game introduces classic characters including Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man and loads of other iconic monsters online. You can cooperate with your monster’s companion to terrorize and wreak havoc when you wander about in the village. It is really a crazy and stirring thing to see the innocent villagers run away from you as they have never experienced such profound fear before. Join us! Step on a dramatic journey along with your loyal companion, and prove to the world that you are not to be played with."

I have no idea if you're playing as the monsters or a human, I'm hoping monster... you can go to the website and sign up for updates, I did.


  1. I am stunned beyond words at the possibility here...

  2. Looks so cool, and should be excellent for us Monster Kids... but I have to wonder who wrote the blurb. Obviously English is not their native tongue -- "could finally jump in joy"? "Step on a dramatic journey"? "
    Still, I must sign up now!

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