Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh I know whats been making me cranky...

No it's not PMS....ha ha

No it hit me today when I saw the pictures of the upcoming Mad Monster Party figures, the first thought that entered my head was "Oh man, Frank is gonna flip out over these." But he can't.

Ya see it was about this time two years ago when my wife's uncle and my best friend Frank was diagnosed with cancer. Really aggressive cancer. Cancer that took a long slow painful time to reach the end this past August.

The thing about is Frank loved monsters, alot, ya think i love him, I pale in comparison to this man. When I met him he had a museum of custom GI Joe Monsters on display in his Man Cave. Frank was an avid toy customizer and had published a magazine on the subject in the early 90's that was carried by Diamond. His collection of custom 2099 figures covered the entire universe. Well, for most of the the time Frank and I hunted toys, monster toys were scarce and far between, Ya had yer Monster Force and then the Sideshow lines but that was it. Every time I see a new line of monster related figures, be it the Diamond  Direct retro Mego style figures or the Munsters line I'd think man he's love that and it makes me a little sad inside.

Okay enough of that, that cold breeze every time I rearrange the collection pieces I inherited from him lets me know he's still around. I just wish he'd stop knocking my iPhone on the floor all the time.

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