Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Munsters Wave 2 - Hot Rod Herman

If you couldn't already tell I'm a huge Munsters fan, have been since I watched them in reruns on WPIX out of New York every morning  as a child. So of course I bought the figures and I'll be buying the Marilyn/Eddie two pack coming soon, (as seen here) and now we have the latest additions to the line and they are from one of my top two episodes of the series - "Hot Rod Herman"

Here's Herman in his Punk Rods outfit. Poor ol' Herman got all hyped up on Eddie's talk about how his pop (Herman) could out drag his friend's dad. Unfortunately after Herman met the other dad and foolishly (it is Herman after all) got talked into betting the family car, better known as the Munster Koach he finds out the dad is a professional mechanic and racer. Naturally Herman loses and returns home to be scolded by Lily. Grandpa has a plan though...

Grandpa assembles his own dragster, the Drag-U-La, made famous in the Rob Zombie song of the same name. And the following weekend he puts the rail up against the Koach and of course wins it back. Of course how do you compete with a rail that plays "Oh Promise Me" in second gear? Anyway here's Gandpa in his racing gear. Man that is a perfect likeness.

Here's Lily with her sun umbrella to watch from the stands while Eddie chews his nails ( real iron nails)
Man I still really hope we get a Spot head in the staircase soon.

Photos came from cooltoyreview.com  - go check them out 

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