Monday, February 6, 2012

Monster in my Pocket Part 2

Okay let's pick up where I left off before getting a miserable headcold with Series 4 - Super Scary

The Super Scary series came in glow in the dark green and yellow plastic and in purple, orange, green and yellow. You could get them in six pack and twelve pack display sets.
The series included:

97. Charun

98. Thunderdell

99. Hanuman

100. Yama

101. Ghilan

102. Astaroth

103. Dybbuk 

104. Lamia

105. Grave Watcher

106. Creature from the Closet

107. Slaughterford 

108. Jenny Greenteeth

109. Houngan

110. Mad Gasser of Mattoon 

111. Drude

112. Boogeyman

113. Alu

114. Fachen 

115. Jersey Devil

116. Wurdulac 

117. Poltergeist

118. Umi Bozu 

119. Wildman of China

120. Imp

A few unusual entries starting to show up am I right? Nice to see the inclusion of cryptozoological monsters like the Mad Gasser and Jersey Devil...but that is not the Jersey Devil..

Series 5 was the Super Creepies line and consisted of monstrous insects that seem more like associated of the old Horrible Hamilton and the Hamilton Invaders then any real insect.

121. Tarantula

122. Black Widow Spider

123. Jumping Spider 

124. Wolf Spider

125. Turret Spider

126. Crab Spider

127. Soldier Beetle

128. Soldier Fly

129. Robber Fly

130. Armoured Cockroach 

131. Vampire Leaf Hopper

132. Lightning Bug 

133. Eastern Toe Biter

134. Stink Bug

135. One Eyed Jack

136. Clubtail Dragonfly 

137. Dog Face Butterfly

138. Horntail Moth

139. Scarface Scorpion

140. Mexican Bed Bug

141. Lady Bug

142. Horsefly

143. Cave Cricket

144. Hunchback Beetle

Series 6 opted for a return to slightly more serious fare with Dinosaurs

145. Tyrannosaurus rex

146. Apatosaurus 

147. Triceratops

148. Stegosaurus

149. Ceratosaurus

150. Spinosaurus 

151. Iguanodon

152. Plateosaurus

153. Woolly Mammoth 

154. Cave Man 

155. Pteranodon 
56. Dimetrodon

157. Sabre-Tooth Tiger

158. Ankylosaurus 

159. Chasmosaurus 

160. Teratosaurus

161. Styracosaurus

162. Deinonychus

163. Struthiomimus

164. Kentrosaurus

165. Monoclonius 

166. Parasaurolophus 

167. Lambeosaurus 

168. Baby Protoceratops 

In 1994 a series titled Space Aliens was released in the UK only and consisted of :

169.Space Dinosaur                
170.Floyd the Android                
171.Blaster of the Universe           

172.Full Moon Freak                    
173.Nova Scorcher
174.Jumbo Jupiter Junkeater
175.Laser Blaster
176.Asteroid Attack Android
177.Venus Booby Trapper
178.Creature from the Black Hole
179.Meteor Monster
180.Star Scorpian
181.Saturn Scumsucker
182.Sun Poisoner
183.Martian Maniac
184.Radioactive Uranian Rodent

This was the end of the Monster in my Pocket line as a toyline trying to represent monsters, from here on the line become fodder for comical wrestlers and ninja figure, hey it was the 90's and those things were big then so can't really knock the company for trying to grab some cash as it were.


  1. Some of those multicolored ones are really horrible looking. It's like they just randomly picked the parts to make a different color and random colors for them.

  2. The originals are my favorite because they reminded me of M.U.S.C.L.E. I really need to track some down. Nice informative post!


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