Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monster High Reviews from Alex, Daughter of Monsterfink

Hey all, yer ol' pal Monsterfink here with a special treat fer yas. Me little munchkin Alex is gonna sit in and give her opinions on the latest announced additions to her favorite toy line - Monster High. So without further ado, I'll hand this over to her...

She's cool and she's a living plant she has a flytrap as a pet. As well I'm willing to get her. She looks like Franky, but she is a plant. She has a pretty dress and vines and hair and tights.  She has pretty make-up. Her flytrap looks like a dog.

 He's a musician. He has cool glasses. He has a nice shirt and vest. I like his blue shoes. He has a chameleon as a pet. The chameleon is colorful and named Crossfade. He's actually Holt Hyde and there is a figure for that.

 She is gorgeous! She has a pet robot penguin and it's name is Captain Penny. He has a rocket pack and she has rocket boots. She looks like Clawdeen. She has a clock backpack, it's blue! It looks like an actual clock. She has blue hair and goggles. She's made out of metal. She's a robot. 

She's gorgeous too! Her pet is a Gargoyle Griffin name Roux. I love her shoes and hair. Her dress too. And I love her wings! She has horns and a headband. She has a stone pocketbook with a pink bow.

I love the cafeteria and the Dee Jay booth for Holt upstairs. I love the lockers and the classroom. The fake windows are pretty too. It looks like the video game. I love the blue door in the classroom too.

Well there yas have it, straight outta the munchkin's mouth....and typing fingers....

Now what do you all think, like her reviews, wanna hear more from her? Let me know and be nice, she's only 6 and these dolls cost me a fortune.


  1. I'm always a fan of parents letting their kids talk about things. One of the things I really enjoyed about seeing The Phantom Menace was watching the kids reactions to the costumed characters that were in the lobby.

    No matter how jaded we get, kids can give you a new perspective on things.

  2. thanks for the heads up Alex. These designs are awesome. I can't wait to show my daughters and niece tonight (they are fans of Monster High too).


  3. Excellent review, Alex! You and your dad make a great team!


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