Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mad Monster Party figures

Holy crap, how long have I wanted figures from this movie. Probably since I first saw the movie as a wee tot. I know I know we had the vinyl figures years ago but I wanted more, and I finally got them.

Here's Uncle Boris Frankenstein as portrayed (vocally anyways) by Boris Karloff. The sculpt is FANTASTIC, you can see the sculpture work of the original stop motion model on this figure's face. And the accessories complete the package with the spider monster from Felix's tour of the castle and the test tube containing the Formula for Destroying Matter.

Dracula looks just like the movie and vicariously the Jack Davis artwork. He looks ready to crack his original Bat-man jokes. The bat accessory is great but now has me ready to track down an Iron Tail figure from the Here Comes Peter Cottontail line.

and here's Fang, The Frankenstein Monster, must i say anything here, just look at him.

I cannot wait for this line and I really hope it does well enough for future series so I get a Creature and Wolfie.

Photos came from cooltoyreview.com  - go check them out


  1. Nice find! Damn those look like they just walked off the screen.

  2. I dont pick up much for toys anymore but I will have to get these for sure!


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