Thursday, February 9, 2012

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Saturday Matinee

So I joined up with the League of Extrordinary Bloggers founded by Cool and Collected where each week we're tackling a different subject and this week that subject is your go to movie, the movie you watch over and over and know every line verbatim to the point that is drives those around to screaming madness.
Now I know, you're all out there expecting me to pull some monster movie out of my hat since that is what this blog is primarily about (my love of monsters, not hats or magic tricks involving hats) and I hate to disappoint you all. I mean I could say it's Destroy All Monsters, House of Frankenstein or Phantom of the Paradise...but it isn't.
It's Yellow Submarine.

I know I know, "What? Yellow Submarine? The Beatles cartoon?" Yeah, I love that movie, have since I first saw it as a kind on one of the local channels here in Jersey on a Fourth of July night. I dunno if its the sheer oddness of the story or the face that it had a Sea of Monsters in it but something caught my attention back then. I finally secured a VHS copy when I was in High School and I watched that thing so much I had it memorized. Of course by then I was a fan of the Beatles music so adding in the weird visuals just sweetened the deal.
Here's two of my favorite scenes;

If you've never seen the movie and you're looking to grab it on DVD you may have a hard time as I believe it is out of print, but do yourself a favor and get the uncut copy. It includes all of the Sea of Monsters sequence, the full freeing of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sequence and the song "Hey Bulldog".


  1. Very cool choice! I loved how surreal that flick was as a kid

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  3. I have never seen this! Does it hold up after 40+ years? I've never been a huge Beatles fan but the trippiness of those videos is a bit inviting. ;)


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