Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Frankie - Aurora to Mezco

Let me regale you with the tale of Big Frankie.

Originally designed to be a toy, the manufacturer Aurora got cold feet and released the figure as a model instead. The fact that the sculpt was more of a caricature then a realistic version of Boris Karloff as the Monster made it less appealing to the kids that were buying the extremely successful line of monster models the company made. That and his price tag being five times that of the regular models resulted in poor sales and a short run. This results in the model being highly sought after by collectors.

This brings us to Moebius Models and their re-release of the model. The kit is beautiful and comes in a Glow in the Dark version as well, but carries a price tag of $109.99.....too much for this here Fink.

Now we have Mezco and their upcoming Giant Frankenstein. for all I know that could be the name but I'm calling him Big Frankie and he's gonna have a home here at casa de Fink as soon as he hits the market.

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