Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monster Toys from the Past - Godzilla vs the Tricephalon Monster

In 1978, Godzilla was at his height of popularity, his Hanna Barbera cartoon was on Saturday Mornings, Marvel Comics was publishing his comic and he had joined the ranks of the Shogun Warriors. That Shogun Warrior figure is the piece of american Godzilla merchandise that gets the most attention, but lets not overlook a playset put out by the smaller company HG Toys.
The playset depicted a battle between the King of the Monsters and a three headed aquatic monstrosity named the Tricephalon Monster. Kids (or adults) could enact a massive battle between the two titans in the middle of a major city. The playset included :
the Trcephalon Monster
18 Soldiers
18 Civilians
2 Jeeps
2 Tanks
3 Civilian Vehicles
2 Jet Fighters
1 Ambulance
1 Automobile
1 Police Car
Shell Firing Battle Ship
22" x 28" Diorama
30' x 30" vinyl play sheet
1 Bridge

 I remember finding this in the aisles at Toys R Us back when I was a kid, I was so excited I nearly dropped a brick. Of course my parents got the playset for me and I wore that thing out playing  with it. I had the Godzilla and Tricephalon for years after the rest of the playset went the way of all things, Unfortunately the pair were lost during my move from my parents house to my first apartment but I still have the memories.

And I will reclaim those figures again.....oh yes I will.

Just as an aside, HG Toys made a series of Godzilla puzzles with some killer artwork like the playset box.


  1. Wow! That is a great playset, and I love the artwork.

  2. Diggin the box art but the puzzle art makes him look more like a mutant 70s T-Rex.

  3. Wow that is killer cool! I would pick this up today if I saw it.

  4. I bought the Godzilla off of Ebay. I will one day print the city and make it myself.


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