Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bigfoot and Wildboy: Birth of the Titan

Gather round the computer screen kiddies, ol' Monsterfink is gonna tell ya about growing up in the 1970's. Back in the time before computers were on every desk and in your phone there was a cultural phenomenon where the strange and the unusual took center stage. We had shows like "In Search Of..." and "Project: Blue Book" on the television and the stores were full of Easter Island Moa heads and Bigfoot merchandise. Lets take a closer look at Bigfoot...

We're gonna start off with Sid and Marty Kroft's Bigfoot and Wildboy. Basically this show as a Weekly World News Tabloid come to life, I you boy is orphaned in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest (?) and is found by the Bigfoot. Bigfoot raises the boy as his own and the two fight various monsters, aliens and super villains. Apparently the Kroft brothers really like the Bionic Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man show as their Bigfoot has similar "bionic" noises when he lifts heavy object, runs in slow motion and super leaps. Here see for yourself as Bigfoot and Wildboy face off against a dime store Hulk -

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  1. Sid and Marty were the gods of Saturday morning.


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