Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Avengers Movie Toys!

 We've got our first look at the toys based on the upcoming Avengers movie.

The Avengers action figures will be released in both 3 3/4" scale (Marvel Universe scale) and also in scale for the returning Marvel Legends line. Super Hero Squad will see Avengers movie figures as well. Over 15 different figures are planned for The Avengers 3 3/4" line, however Hasbro has many more within Marvel Universe, as well as figures at other scales within the Avengers line. Like the Captain America line the Avengers line will be mostly movie related characters but expect some "comic" characters in the line for die hard fans. (Vision, Black Panther, Wonder Man, Ant Man, Wasp more then likely)

Also we're getting vehicles  - Stark Tech Battle Vehicles, Avengers' Quinjets and a 3 foot Shield Helicarrier

1 comment:

  1. First thing I thought of when seeing the Helicarrier was the 80s GI Joe battleship.


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