Thursday, December 22, 2011

Further thoughts on the Rankin Bass Timeline

It was pointed out to me that in Rudolph, Sam the Snowman (who I theorized might have been telling a slightly skewed version of what happened since he never actually interacted with the other characters) actually took part in the story by claiming to have sent Yukon and Herbie after Rudolph. Right, he claims he sent them, did you see him do it? I think Sam is just trying to make himself seem important....wait why the hell is Sam alive? Frosty is because of that magic hat and his family because of the charms they wear....hmmm maybe Sam is the far distant future Frosty and bitter at being cast out by Santa so he tells a story of him that is less then flattering?

And I put the Jack Frost special early in the timeline since I figured he was bitter about that blonde dumping him for the pretty boy so his hatred of happy couples led to the whole hatred of Frosty and Crystal, plus you never see the Snow gypsies he killed them all in his rage over being dumped for the knight in the fancy gold armor.

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