Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creepmas Decorations

Just can't bear to decorate your tree with happy field mice in light up tea cup houses, candy canes, colorful reindeer and adorable snowmen? Welcome to my here's some ornament suggestions from yer ol' pal Claws.


We'll start off with the amazingly talented Tom Taggart. I have been privileged enough to see Tom's work first hand at the Chiller Conventions before and I gotta tell you the pictured don't do them justice and they are some nice pictures. I cannot stress enough how quickly you should run to his Etsy site and get some.


I'll be perfectly honest, if I can scrape some cash together the Alien, Black Cat and Frankenstein Monster or headed to my Creepmas Tree.


Over at they have three outrageous ornaments or gorenaments for sale. The Gingerbread Zombie, Zombie Stocking and Zombie Misletoe. I'd like to bet my claws on the Gingerbread and Mistletoe ones.

Fun with the OLD ONES

Can't forget the Elder Gods this whatever those gibbering horrors are on about this time of year...

Ger yer Cthulhu Plush Wreath fer hangi' on the Tomb Door here


  1. Great finds, Tom! I've been looking everywhere for some decent horror-themed Christmas... er, I mean Creepmas decorations.


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