Friday, December 2, 2011

Creepmas - Christmas Creeps - The Krampus

To every Ying there must be a every Light, a every reward, a punishment.

In Europe when Saint Nicholas visits to reward good children with gifts, he is trailed by the demonic Krampus - a throwback to the pagan Goat-Man and the bearded Old Man Winter. The Krampus was the partner that handled keeping the list of naughty and nice with St Nicholas rewarding the nice children. The Naughty children were dealt with by Krampus in the form of a whipping from his switch or for the worst offenders a ride in the cage on his back that ended in Hell.

While still a major factor in Kampus Night celebrations in Europe where costumed men scare children and adults alike the Krampus never made the leap to America with St Nicholas and was wiped out of the legend while Santa Claus was given the talent of "knowing if you've been bad or good"

In recent years the Krampus has seen a resurgence in his status and his legend is growing with the help of the Low Brow Art community and things like the 13 Days of Creepmas. Maybe one day we'll finally see a Krampus Christmas Special?

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  1. Would love to attend one of those Krampus celebrations someday!


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