Thursday, November 3, 2011


Premiering in the monster crazed 60's on KHJ Channel 9 in LA comes one of the wackiest kids shows in history. Starring the very funny Gene Moss as Dr. Von Shtick and the diminutive Shrimpenstein ( the result of jelly beans falling into the Monster Machine) and a cast of weird and way out monsters the show became a counter culture hit. The show was created by Michael Dormer and Lee Teacher at the stylish plastic kitchen table of Dormer’s Ocean Beach home. Their pal at Capitol Records, producer Fred Rice, had suggested that they cook up some cute monster characters for merchandising, but when he saw the first Shrimpenstein storyboard, the fuse was lit. Rice, Teacher, and Dormer pitched the idea of a Shrimpenstein to the suits at KHJ. Shrimpy himself was created by the great Wah Chang, special effects master whose works includes Star Trek, The Land of the Lost, collaborations with Willis O'Brien, the Time Machine and others.

Wait, you're not familiar with the show? Okay, okay here watch and then you can print out your fan club card after...


  1. Unbelievable! Did they know that they were shooting a childrens show? What are they impotent? Thanks for posting this.

  2. There is one more Shrimpenstein episode available online. You can find it on my channel called "The Last Wanderer of Mars", and the episode is titled "Shrimpenstein: Klouse's Wedding."


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