Thursday, November 24, 2011

King Kong Cartoon

Running from 1966 to 1969 the King Kong Show was a joint production between Toei animation in Japan and Rankin Bass in America.

Episode guide
1. King Kong (Hour long Pilot Episode). In syndication the show was split into two parts and the episodes were titled A Friend in Need and The Key to the City.

The following episode list describes the show as originally aired with a 6 minute King Kong episode, followed by a 6 minute Tom of T.H.U.M.B. episode, followed by another 6 minute King Kong episode.
2. Under the Volcano/For the Last Time, Feller...I'm not Bait!/The Treasure Trap
3. The Horror of Mondo Island/Hey, that was a Close One World!/Dr. Who
4. Rocket Island/I was a 91⁄2 oz. Weakling Till One Day.../The African Bees
5. The Hunter/I was a Starling for the USA!/The Space Men
6. The Jinx of the Sphinx/Cool Nerves and... Steady Hands/The Greeneyed Monster
7. The Top of the World/All Guys from Outer Space are Creeps/The Golden Temple
8. The Electric Circle/Mechanical Granma/Mirror of Destruction
9. Tiger Tiger/The Day We Almost Had It/The Vise of Dr.Who
10. King Kong's House/Tom Makes History/MechaniKong
11. The Giant Sloths/Tom Scores Again/The Legend of Loch Ness
12. Dr. Bone/Blow, Jack, Blow!/No Man's Snowman
13. The Desert Pirates/Tom and the TV Pirates/Command Performance
14. The Sea Surrounds Us/The Girl from M.A.D./Show Biz
15. The Wizard of Overlord/Just One of those Nights/Perilous Porpoise
16. The Trojan Horse/Runt of 1,000 Faces/The Man from K.O.N.G.
17. Caribbean Cruise/Hello, Dollies!/Diver's Dilemma
18. The Great Sun Spots/Pardner/Kong is Missing
19. In the Land of the Giant Trees/Beans is Beans/Captain Kong
20. Statue of Liberty Play/What Goes Up.../Pandora's Box
21. The Thousand Year Knockout/Our Man, the Monster/Desert City
22. Eagle Squadron/Never Trust a Clam/The Kong of Stone
23. Murderer's Maze/Drop that Ocean, Feller/The Great Gold Strike
24. It Wasn't There Again Today/Plug that Leak/The Mad Whale
25. The King Kong Diamond/The Scooby/Anchors Away

Now look at the influence of the movie King Kong Escapes had on the show...

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