Monday, November 28, 2011

Giant Monster Playset

No, I'm not talking about the Godzilla vs The Tricephellon Monster playset...though that thing was cool. No I'm talking about Director Greg Pope's new movie which takes the concept of Sympathetic Magic - the belief that one thing or event can affect another at a distance as a consequence of a synchronistic connection between them, and applies it to the giant monster movie genre with Giant Monster Playset.

The film features a young boy named Collin (Finn Pope), who receives a mysterious package. Upon opening it, he innocently plays with its toy monster contents. Simultaneously a gigantic beast appears, bent on the destruction of his own small town. The boy’s older brother Martin (played by Asher Pope) discovers the connection between the two and realizes only he can stop it.

Here are the two Teaser Trailers for the film

Looks cool right, great concept and a great Green Gargantua vibe from the monster. If you want more information about the film you can check out the official website

And in the meantime you can buy the soundtrack for the film on CDbaby or iTunes after checking it our here

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  1.! Any word on when the short film might be available to see in it's entirety?


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