Friday, October 7, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Rankin Bass Jack O' Lantern

Produced by Rankin Bass in 1972 for it's syndicated Festival of Family Classics syndicated cartoon comes the story of Jack O'Lantern. The show entails the telling of the story of  leprechaun, Jack O Lantern by a grandfather to his vising granchildren. Jack is a good soul, who has turned himself into a pumpkin seed to hibernate for the winter and his pumpkin shell home cut into a face to be added to the farm's scarecrow by the grandfather and his sister when they were children. The local farmers have been suffering from hard soil and withering crops they attribute to crows, but in actuality their crops are destroyed nightly by Zelda the witch, her husband Archibald the warlock and her ghouls. Jack launches an offensive against the evil-doers with the help of two of the farmers children and in true Rankin Bass fashion saves the day. Check out the array of powers Jack has at his disposal, from flight and bio-luminescence to a magical Horn of Plenty, ghost punching fists, ghost repelling throwing straw and proton accelerator finger tips....seriously, watch this cartoon and see for yourself....


  1. Wha?! A Rankin Bass holiday special I haven't heard of? This is awesome!


    Glad you found it and enjoyed it. It's on the Mad Mad Mad Monsters DVD for like $7.


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