Saturday, October 15, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Frank N' Fries

Might seem a little out of place to have a blog post about a restaurant in the middle of a Halloween Countdown, but bear with me. The restaurant in question was a little family owned joint called Frank N' Fries. Back when me and Mrs Fink first decided to cohabitate in a tomb of our own together, we had an apartment in Rahway, New Jersey...most famous for the once named Rahway Prison. Anyway the road we lived on was a major road in town and one morning on my way to work I passed one of the many storefronts and noticed the odd shape to the roof line that hadn't been there before. The rising tower turret shaped had me intrigued, more so the next day when workers finished the faux castle stone look to the outside of the building, then the sign went up...Frank N' Fries with the image of a hot dog and a happy Frankenstein's Monster...I was so excited I almost peed my pants. Fast food and monsters? Together? Couldn't be. But it was. And in a few week when the place opened we took as a walk up the street to it and found the inside to be even more fantastic, Universal Monster memorabilia was everywhere along with iron lanterns filled with flickering candle light bulbs and Gemmy Halloween items. Aurora Model kits lined high wooden shelves and framed movie posters completed the scene. Add to that some top notch Hot Dogs and Cheeseburgers (I am an aficionado) and fresh made french fries. Hold on  I'm drooling...gimme a minute

Okay.....I'm better now...

Anyway the place was a monster lovers dream come true. Me and my late Uncle Frank and the wife used to go there all the time. But then we Finks bought us a house quite some distance (a whole state length) away and though we wanted to get back up to the place for a meal we never seemed to get the chance. I even went  so far as to come up with a new logo and menu layout for the place to present them with...

But..well times can be hard...and they were on poor ol' Frank N' Fries and the place closed up before I could get back there. It's an Italian restaurant now last time I passed by...

But I have my memories of the the great decor and the great food.

Oh and if anyone knows a good monster themed burger and hot dog joint in southern New Jersey or Philly lemme know... I got a nice menu layout they can have.

My revised logo for the restaurant

Spot illustration for the menu and the Monster Burger


  1. I love hearing about places like this and more bummed to hear they end up closing!

  2. What a cool place! Glad you got to experience it but sad to hear it's closed.

  3. Cool! And no worries about food posts, I think I have a couple more Vincent Price meals in my countdown...

  4. Man... I would've love to eat there sometime. Finding little places like this really make travelling worthwhile, such a shame it closed.

    Nice redesign of the logo, though. It would've been neat to see an army of monster fries behind ole Frank. :D

  5. Great place, good food, awesome decor. I went here the day before my daughter was born, and it was wonderful! I miss it.


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