Thursday, October 6, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - 7 Eleven Monster Slurpee Cups

Okay, it's an established fact that I am a Monster Fanatic and a child of the 70's but sometimes things slip past you, things like Monster Slurpee cups. Sold in 7 Eleven stores in the early 70's the line featured copyright free versions of classic monsters, cryptozoology monsters and some original monsters. Information on these cups is scarce and they are (apparently since I now want them) very rare as they were made from a brittle plastic that was easily shattered if dropped. The artwork is a mix of cartoon and frightening with a look not to distant from the Odd Rods cards line. I am not sure of the total number of cups in the series since information is limited. From what I can tell the line consisted of;

Swamp Creature, Giant Squid, Yeti, Vampire, Loch Ness Monster, Mummy,  Hydra, Werewolf, Headless Horseman, Cave Thing, Cyclops, Troll, Dragon, Roc, Monster of the Moors, Golem, Zombie, Minotaur and Bigfoot.

If anyone has any of these they want to sell or trade for fabulous artwork from a washed up artist let me know...

hmmm I wonder if there would be demand for a new set of these...


  1. Those are totally cool! 7 Eleven could make a killing (mwahahaha) if they brought them back!

  2. Wow! Tom...sadly in my neck of the woods there was no 7 Eleven in my youth. If I would have known about these cups even at such a tender age...I would have packed up my backpack and walked to the next state to get them! :)

  3. Those are pretty cool looking! Sounds like they are pretty rare from what you are saying.

  4. Whoah. I've never seen those before, ever.
    There's SO many of them too! I thought maybe there'd be a set of 4 (with the usual monsters) but I kept scrolling and scrolling over the pics.
    And the monsters are obscure! The Moors? I think that's one of my favorites.
    Might have to track a few of these down on eBay.
    Nice post!

  5. Tom, you are killing it with this year's Halloween posts! Keep 'em coming! I'm heading to eBay now. ;)

  6. As far as I can tell, you're missing only ONE, the elusive Ghost Riders (skeletons riding horses in a valley). I have a picture of it. Want to see?

  7. Yup, totally had most of these as a kid. Been looking (and missing) these for years! Thanks for the great memories.

  8. I just 5 of them if you are interested ?


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