Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Countdown - Invaders from Space! No...not those invaders

With Halloween approaching my mind drifts to an invasion from the stars, where evil aliens set their sights on our beloved blue planet and attempt to take it as their own.


Oh, no...not that invasion ....and no not that invasion either. Those were both invasions from Mars, no I'm talking about that time when that distant other planet decided it was best that ....


Produced in 1987 by marketing graphic artist Bob Ting, Uranus Strikes was one of the first independently produced card sets on the market before the trading cards and card sets market fell apart in the 90's. The set was hand painted over the course of three years by Bob and printed up to be sold as full sets through the trading card collector publication The Wrapper and then as cases of packaged cards with coupons redeemable for prizes such a metal Uranus badge, T-shirt, 3-D poster, 8"x10" print of the box art, and unfolded wrapper and a ceramic bank. 
Created as a parody of Mars Attacks, Uranus Strikes featured inept aliens that look like four armed purple horse/fish men with brain like manes.  Like their Martian counterparts the aliens employ flying saucers, death rays and giant insects as their weapons of mass destruction. It just seems like the poor things have incredibly bad luck from accidentally shooting the moon with their planet killer device to poor choices in victims to being naturally attractive to lightning. The cards featured rather unusual guest star cameos from the likes of Mickey Mouse (#10), Boris and Natasha (#14), Norman Rockwell (#29), James Bond (#24), Sgt Billko (#20) and Bruce the Shark from Jaws (#12), In the end the human race defeats the alien invaders but at the cost of creating a new, more dangerous menace. Alas I do not own a full set, but do have numerous cards to trade if anyone is interested, drop a comment and let me know what you have and are looking for.

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