Sunday, September 18, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Target Safari

Finally got to Target today, the Halloween section isn't completely set up yet but I did manage to scope out some items and snap some pics with my trust iPhone.

First thing we have are tin coffins with sour candy bones inside them in either Sour Citrus or Sour Charry flavors. If these taste like the ones in the tins last year, buy them for the art on the outside and throw the candy away. EECHHH!

Then we have these cool Punch Cauldrons. These are small plastic Witch's Cauldrons that come with powder to create a bubbling witches brew punch in either Fruit Punch or Orange flavor. I may have to pick one of these up for my daughter's birthday party.
The next few items had my attention because my wife is a baker and cake decorator so I'm always looking for unusual cake of cupcake related items such as this Creepy Creatures Cupcake Kit,

The Ghost and Goblins Brownie Kit,

And these spider silicone backing cups and spider metal cupcake stands. I have been ordered to acquire the stands by my wife.

They were putting out some cool looking glasses with attached straws with Ghost and Pumpkin designs that my daughter told me she wanted, 15 times, that I will be going back for but today I think we'll see what Wal-Mart has to offer.

- Monsterfink

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