Friday, September 23, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Monster Mash MUGEN

MUGEN for people that haven't heard of it, is a program that allows for the creation and play of 2D fighting games similar to Street Fighter, Eternal Champions and Dark Stalkers. People can create any fighter as long as the animated sprites exist (plus alot of coding, but I digress). I've seen fights between He-Man and Lion-O, Superman and Hulk, Goku and Batman...but this....well watch...

and this

That my fellow monster fans is Monster Mash for MUGEN. A fighting game featuring ten combatants including
Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Golem, The Mad Scientist, the Creature, A Horde of Zombies, the Headless Horseman and the Phantom. Some really cool things here such as the Zombies are a group of fighters acting as one unit, the Mad Scientist turns into a giant bug to fight, on his death the Werewolf turns human and those cool looking backgrounds.


  1. Oh. Maaaannnn.
    That was amazing. I used to love Darkstalkers (sadly I don't have it on any of my systems) and I do love some monsters. Where can I get that?

  2. I downloaded it lastnight but got sleepy so I haven't tried it yet if it works I'll let you know.

  3. Wow.
    This... this is something I've never seen before.
    This is awesome.
    Thank you for finding this.
    ...It's... it's a whole new world now...

  4. I sooooo want a MUGEN game, but dont understand how to download and install it and all the characters involved. Wish someone made a ready to download pack. I'd easily buy it too.


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