Saturday, September 17, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - McDonald's Nugget Buddies

Consider this a companion piece to my previous post about the restaurant chain's Halloween Pails if you will. In 1993 the Fast Food chain introduce a series of Happy Meal toys consisting of the McDonald Land McNugget characters with Halloween costumes. McNugget Buddies were the talking puppet versions of the McDonalds chicken menu item so popular with kids that appeared in commercials for the fast food chain. The first series consisted of  McBoo the Ghost, Monster McNugget, a Frankenstein monster, Witch the witch, McNuggula the Vampire, Pumpkin McNugget and Mummie the mummy.

The set of Six toys came in one of three Happy Meal boxed that featured the McNugget buddies.

Not too shabby in my opinion, you got a cool lil toy in a box with some decent artwork on it, always a winner in my book.

In 1996 a second set of McNugget Halloween Buddies was released consisting of Alien McNugget, Ronald McNugget, Dragon McNugget, Spider McNugget, Fairy Princess McNugget and Rock Star McNugget.

There was only a single box style for this series.

Kind of a let down after the first series. Where was the McNugget Wolf? The McNugget Creature from the Barbecue Lagoon? The Metaluna McNugget? Aw well, the McNugget characters were shelved back in 1997 when McDonalds changed it's advertising campaign to try and promote better health (snicker snicker chortle snicker).


  1. they need to bring back all of these older halloween toys and not just mcdonalds ether.

  2. Oh my God.. I love you. I have been looking for a picture of the happy meal box art for these things for YEARS. Probably a decade at least. These things are one of the fondest memories from my childhood. Thank you for being awesome :)


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