Friday, September 9, 2011

Allow me to introduce myself...

He rose from a painting on the hood of a haunted muscle car to strike terror into all of our hearts beware Monsterfink!!

As we head into the Halloween season some new faces will be dropping by the blog (hopefully) and so I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself.

Born in raised in New Jersey, home to Toxic Waste, Great Adventure and the Toxic Avenger. I was raised in a cemetery, yes a not next to...not the cemetery gates. I grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, monster movies and comic books. Guess that explains alot...

Anyway, here's a fun fact list of things about me...why? why the hell not it's my blog...

  • I'm an avid monster toy collecter, like you couldn't figure that out
  • I can name whatever Godzilla movie is on in 10 seconds my music score or Godzilla roar alone, no visuals needed.
  • Love the work of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth....hey I even put "fink" in my name and used to be called "Big Daddy Diesel Krohne" many a moon ago
  • I just used the phrase "many a moon ago", you may shoot me now
  • I have every issue of the Charlton Gorgo comic series, Marvel's Where Monsters Dwell, Devil Dinosaur, Marvel's Godzilla series and Marvel's Monster of Frankenstein
  • I have a crippling fear of artistic success....keep waiting for the Watchamacallit series....
  • I'm someone's father....can you believe that

Well thats me, Now lets get Halloween Blogging

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