Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Countdown to Halloween - Halloween Hot Wheels

Today we're going to focus on a Halloween tradition in the toy aisles, and that is the Halloween limited edition Hot Wheels Cars.

We'll start off today where the series began as Hot Wheels Halloween Highway back in 2002.

Halloween Highway consisted of 2 car packs and continued until 2004.

2002 cars included Pharoh Fueled/ Modified and Mummified, Bad Moon/Highway Howley, Drac Race/Nosfermoto, Dawn of the Road Zombie/Ride of the Driving Dead

2003 consisted of Seymoor Creeps School Bus/Fullmoon Leeza's, Phantom/Phantom 2003, Dr Van Auto/Van Auto's Monster and The Legend of the Swamp Skidder/Creature Del Grundo

2004 sets included Hag Race & Witchcraft, Dragbot & Robots of Planet Hypno, Grave Tours Limozeen & Grim Reaper Hot Rod and Monster & Brain Snatchers from Planet Deora

Tomorrow we'll look at the Fright Cars Series from 2006 to Present


  1. This is awesome! Now I have a checklist for my hunting. I've been collecting the Hot Wheels Halloween for a couple years and want to go back in get all of them.

  2. Awesome!
    I've always wondered about the Halloween Hot Wheels-- how long they've been putting them out, what the cars were, etc.

    Thanks for posting this!
    Can't wait for the Fright Cars...


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