Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Concerning my comics...

I know alot of you look forward to artwork and some to the online comic, but I have some sad news. I have decided to stop all work on the Watchamacallit. I'll explain why and just bear with me. The Whatchamacallit is a fun character but one that from the start was a definite "mature audiences only" character because of the cursing and the overt violence. Not really the kind of book I could sell very easily to stores and definitely not a main stream book that my daughter could ever bring to school to show her class what her daddy does. To be honest the book kind of embarrasses me when I do show it to people. Ive tried doing the book with it toned down but it just doesn't work the same.

This brings me to the Giantastics which I created fo be for all ages especially kids. In one weekend the Giantastics site has gotten over 6000 hits, don't know if that can translate over to print readership but I gotta try. I'm working on something with them for Free Comic Book Day so stay tuned for more details there.

Now as far as what work has been done on the Watchamacallit's comic so far, it won't be scrapped, not completely, instead it will be reworked and partially rewritten for a new staring character, more details on that to come.

I hope noone is too pissed about this and ya stick around to see what's up my sleeve.

- Monsterfink


  1. I'm just glad to hear that you're sticking with it, Tom. I know it's been rough, but you're too creative to go on unnoticed for long. :)

    Can't wait to hear more about these new comics.

  2. I have been persuaded by some very good arguments to keep the Watchamcallit where he is, just toned down some.

    The new character will show up soon though in his own book.


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