Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Toys - Robot Commando

The latest of my Monster Toy pics - 1961s Ideal Robot Commando

This guy is further proof that they do not make toys like they used to. Think about it, 1961 and the thing throws bombs, shoots missiles and takes order spoken to it via an attached microphone.

Check it our in action

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  1. I was about 4 when this thing hit the airwaves, and this commercial scared the holy heck out of me. I was fascinated by it, but I could hardly bear to watch it, and I had nightmares about this thing being under my bed! The son of one of my Dad's friends actually had one and I saw it maybe a year or so later. It wasn't nearly as scary in person. The voice command was, of course, some kind of cheat. There was a metal disk behind the microphone that I think activated a switch, and was activated by the force of your breath as you screamed at it.

    Still, it's a really neat toy.


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