Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Toys - Hamilton's Invaders

In keeping with my old posts about the Great Garloo and King Zor, I give you Horrible Hamilton -

The Hamilton's Invaders was a 1964 series of plastic toys of giant insect type monsters, toy soldiers and vehicles. The toyline was conceived and marketed by Remco on television during the early 1960s, inspired by the giant insect genre that were popular from the 1950s, that were in reruns on TV.

A child could propel the giant insect toys via pull-string motors towards blue soldiers while counter-attacking with heavy motorized artillery and helicopters. Remco also produced a bug-eyed helmet and grenade pistol which the child could wear for total immersion in the play-acting scenario. It is not known how the name "Hamilton" was decided upon.

Parts to these playsets are rare, as the toyline was ended after a selling for a single season (the copyright on the toy packaging is 1964). It is believed that though popular with children, their mothers did not enjoy having moving giant insects in their home.

Items that were available were:
* Hamilton Helmet with Non-Shattering Goggles (silver and black variations)
* Chrome Grenade Pistol with yellow grenades - this pistol was also used in a green variation (with red grenades) for the Remco Monkey Division and Land of the Giants toylines
* Pistol - silver and yellow light-projecting pistol, also used in variations for other toylines
* 12 True Blue Defenders. They were a United Nations type light blue plastic 70mm toy soldiers dressed in late World War II early Korean War U.S. Army uniform. They came in 6 poses of a Master Sergeant firing a pistol, a buck sergeant with M-1928A1 Thompson sub machine gun throwing a pineapple hand grenade, one firing a M-1928A1 Thompson, one firing an M-1 rifle, one charging with an M-1 with fixed Bayonet, and one kneeling firing a Bazooka. The Blue Defenders in this set do not have a slit perforation on the base like the other figures provided with the vehicles have.
* Hornet Helicopter and 3 Blue Defenders
* Mosquito Jeep and 3 Blue Defenders
* Torpedo Tank and 3 Blue Defenders
* Spring Motor Beetle and 3 Blue Defenders
* Horrible Hamilton with Spring Motor
* Horrible Hamilton / Torpedo Tank and Blue Defenders
* The Battle of Horrible Hamilton - Horrible Hamilton, Hornet Helicopter and Blue Defenders
* The Battle of the Spider - Spider, Mosquito Jeep and Blue Defenders
* Battle of the Monsters Sears Exclusive - (includes both playsets above)

Here's some pictures of the actual toyline, man I want these


  1. I am looking to buy a horrible Hamilton set for my dad. When he was 7 he got one of these for Christmas. They were very poor so he was thrilled. 3 days later his house burned down and he never did get his toys. If you know where I could get a set please contact me. It would warm my dads heart to receive this and get to play with his grandsons with it. Thank you

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